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2019-12-19 15:07 TOM   

As an open and scalable platform, it is the first time for DRIVE Localization to team up with a HD map startup.

DRIVE定位(DRIVE Localization)是英伟达(NVIDIA)旗下的可扩展开放平台,这是该平台首次与高精地图行业的初创企业达成战略合作

Leveraging the compute power of GPUs and high definition maps from partners, the DRIVE Localization and Mapping software builds an open ecosystem for self-driving vehicles to achieve environmental awareness with unprecedented robustness and accuracy.Many world-class map suppliers have made their maps compatible with DRIVE Software for global localization, such as Here and TomTom.

DRIVE定位和地图构建(DRIVE Localization and Mapping)软件通过整合图形处理器(GPU)的计算能力以及合作伙伴所提供的高清地图资源,建立了一个面向自动驾驶车辆的开放生态系统,致力于将环境识别的稳健性和精确度提升至前所未有的水平。在全球定位方面,包括Here和TomTom在内,众多世界级地图供应商的地图产品都支持DRIVE软件(DRIVE Software)。


As a HD map startup, KUANDENG recently joined this ecosystem with its highly automated mapping technology. Their mass production HD map is ready for use with majority of highways and expressways in China covered. It is also a success for NVIDIA to continue to expand their mapping ecosystem with the DRIVE Maps format, allowing any map vendor to convert to this format to leverage DRIVE Localization directly.

作为高精地图领域的初创企业代表,宽凳科技(KUANDENG)凭借其高度自动化的地图构建技术,于近期成功加入了这一生态系统。到目前为止,该公司的大规模高精地图已经基本覆盖了中国全部高速与快速路。通过此次战略合作,英伟达不仅成功地扩展了其地图构建生态体系,更向外界透露了这样一个信息:任何一家地图供应商,只要转换到DRIVE地图(DRIVE Maps)格式,就能够直接使用DRIVE定位平台。


Continuous maintenance and update of HD maps are a vital prerequisite for scalable application in self-driving vehicles. Based on NVIDIA Localization and Mapping platform, more cooperation on HD map crowdsourcing update technology can be expanded. “NVIDIA Drive has good potentials to enable Kuandeng to provide more timely HD maps to autonomous vehicles”, said Hanping Feng, CTO with KUANDENG.


Established in May 2017, KUANDENG Technology is dedicated to providing critical infrastructure data services for the self-driving ecosystem. The company’s highly automatic HD map solution enables autonomous driving and provides core technical and data support for all players in the industry value chain. KUANDENG is also building up a cloud-based crowdsourcing platform to realize efficient real-time updates for its HD maps, establishing a close loop system of data. In January 2019, KUANDENG Technology has obtained Class A Mapping license in China and become the youngest company in history to gain such qualification.



责任编辑: WY-BD

责任编辑: WY-BD