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RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞

2019-04-03 11:40 TOM   

2019年,RIOTLILY艾特里里携手大英博物馆推出全新RIOTLILY X The British Museum系列,揭开首饰盒里的奇幻丛林。

Riotlily together with The British Museum launched a new series of products, themedFantastic Journey, in 2019.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞


Riotlily has always been known for its unique designs, distinctive brand identity, stylish andauthenticproducts. Ithas becomeone of the leading brands in the fashion industry and attractshoardsof fashion lovers.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞


Crossover Collaboration


Riotlily is working withtheBritish Museum, one of the top museums in the world andan iconic destination in the United Kingdom, on a crossover collaboration. This new product series iscreative and inspired.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞

大英博物馆成立于1753年,是世界上第一个国家公立博物馆。自始至终,大英博物馆都秉持着“大英之世界,世界之大英”的理念,立足服务于世界的核心精神。从人类历史的黎明直至当今,跨越了两百多万年,大英博 物馆馆藏讲述了全世界的文化故事。大英博物馆的馆藏品涵盖了最初的原始人类使用的工具,人类发展历程中 所创造的珍贵文物,地域囊括非洲、大洋洲、美洲、中东、亚洲、欧洲,同时还收藏有来自多个国家的绘画、印刷品等等。

Founded in 1753, the British Museum was the first national public museum in the world. From the outset it was a museum of the world, for the world, and this idea still lies at the heart of the Museum’s mission today. The collection tells the stories of cultures across the world, from the dawn of human history, over two million years ago, to the present. Objects range from the earliest tools made by humans and treasures from the ancient world to more recent acquisitions from Africa, Oceania and the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, as well as theUnited Kingdom’snational collections of prints and drawings.


此次RIOTLILY艾特里里与大英博物馆的合作的猎豹系列,设计师灵感来源于18世纪英国画家乔治 · 斯塔布斯所著的“玩耍的猎豹” 以及英国艺术家约翰·怀特(1585-1593)的《虎斑燕尾凤蝶》:

The two collections are inspired by George Stubbs’ artwork Tyger at Play and John White’s Tiger swallowtail butterfly.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞
RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞


The British Museum and Riotlilly invite you on a magical journey with this beautiful jewellery collection..The collectionincludes rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings andachoker.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞




    The leopard is mirror polished

    with full of facial expression,

    stylish and wild  

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞





    The leopards for both earrings and choker

    are made of acrylic

    with green rhinestone inlaid eyes

    to make it more mysterious and fierce.

RIOTLILY x 大英博物馆,艺术与配饰设计的完美碰撞




    The butterflychokeris very stylish

    With a delicate ribbon


Riotlily's collaboration with The British Museum has won recognition for its elegant styleandcutting-edge design.

RIOTLILY has always been the leading brand in fashion accessories industry with its pursuit of innovation, art and beauty.


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责任编辑: WY-BD